What You Need To Know About Power Line Safety

February 27, 2017 Off By Gabriel Knight


Power lines are something which provides a country’s households, offices and other industrial building with electricity needed to carry out various activities. However, it stores a large amount of electricity in high voltage and if it comes into direct contact, it can lead in fatal injuries. Therefore, it is vital to keep these safety guidelines in mind if you ever see a downed power line around you. 

Keep away

Do not touch a downed power line with your hands or evenwith any object such as a pole. There is a high change that the electric current will get into your body. If you see a person who is in contact with a fallen power line or even someone in a car that is damaged by a power line, avoid touching the person or the vehicle. Instead, report it to the relevant authorities. Moreover, it is also advised that you do not drive over a fallen power line. 

Reach out to authorities

Some of the examples are to call 911 and provide them with the necessary information. However, there are also companies who frequently monitor and repair equipment such as the distribution transformer manufacturer that is connected to power lines. If the problem is due to any damage in these transformers, the manufactures will immediately arrive to fix the problem. 

Educate people on safety measures

Residents can be given material such as leaflets educating them on such events. Posters can also be put on around the town which conveys instructions of safety measures. However with regard to an industrial setting, the safety of the employees is something that needs to be thoroughly considered. Equipment such as a mining transformer are often used in coal industries for various purposes and therefore hiring the right company to frequently monitor and repair is also important.

Reaching for help from inside a vehicle

If a power line comes in contact with your vehicle while you are inside it, the first thing to keep in mind is to stay inside the vehicle. This is due to the fact that the ground could be energized. Blow your horn and try to call out and warn people around you. Also, let other people know that it is not safe for them to touch the car or anything which are around it. Call 911 using your cell phone or tell someone else to do it for you.
Thus, it is important to remember such safety measures you can take in order to save your life and others around you.