Ways To Use Eco-Friendly Methods In The Street

March 10, 2016 Off By Gabriel Knight

We have come to a point where our resources are reducing day by day and we have to rely on renewable resources. Therefore there are many ways that we could reduce resource waste. Many people have taken the path of using eco-friendly methods in their daily lives, this is mainly because there are many advantages in using this method. It could not only save resources it could also save a vast amount of money on your pocket.
As developing countries using such methods could help a lot. For example if you market more of these methods and make it into a more affordable price. One disadvantage that is there in these methods would be that the installation price is high but the benefits of it is lifelong. An advantage of these methods is that not only it saves your cash, it would also help the environment and reduce pollution.
You could see many countries using solar power for daily tasks. To produce electricity to light up street lamps. You could even use a led weatherproof light in a street lamp.
There are many advantages of using these ways such as it is pollution free and causes no greenhouse gases, you do not have to depend on foreign lands to for resources, the renewable energy resources can be used each day of the year even on cloudy days, it would be an investment since you would not have to your utility bills, no need to maintain regularly and you could use it for over 30 years, you would also be creating new work jobs for people by opening solar panel manufactures and solar installers and this would help the country’s economy as well; more benefits would be that you could sell back the excess power to the power company, it can easily be installed item anywhere such a building or a field, also by using battery you could store extra power use it at night. You could use solar power to power houses and buildings, heat water and even power your car. Another major benefit of this would be that solar powered electricity would be much safer than traditional electricity systems.
It is also an efficient method. As well as there are advantages there are also many disadvantages as well. The initial cost that you would have to bear would be high, if saving power for the night you might again have to spend a high amount for the large extra battery bank, the production would be less during winter months. However whatever the disadvantages using these methods would save resources for the future generations.